About the Jury

best portrait photographer colorado springs Simone Severo 7841Sports branding has exploded over the last 20 years. With the massive increase in media exposure, including social media and resoundingly successful single-sport cable networks, the significance of branding in sports has never been more crucial to attracting new fans and retaining a loyal fan base. Sports teams have become much more aware of the rewards and benefits of working with top-notch branding creatives, who have raised the bar to unprecedented levels.


While most teams are guided by leagues that support intelligent branding strategies and are upping their visual games, some decisions introduce questionable designs that render fans ambivalent and leave astute designers scratching their heads.

Although there are several reputable blogs and web contributors that focus on sports logos and uniforms, their content can tend to be sport-myopic (purely NHL or NFL). And they are rarely presented as thorough and thoughtful critiques from an experienced, qualified design perspective. Others are purely fan-driven, with homer or rival team biases that ooze with emotion.

Enter Sports Brand Jury. A unique blog by me – Dave Kottler. I combine the seasoned expertise of a veteran branding creative professional, the energy and passion of a lifelong sports fan, and a writing personality that educates and entertains. And there’s one thing you can count on – I’ll never pull any punches when it comes to telling you what works and what doesn’t. And I’ll always explain why.

In Sports Brand Jury, I will choose the cases I review carefully, emphasizing quality of commentary over quantity of remarks. In addition to weekly SBJ Briefs, occasional guest posts and other special features, SBJ’s core content will be a monthly detailed analysis of a notable sports brand. Charges will be brought against each design or branding case study and a verdict will be pronounced. A verdict that is reached by a true jury of its peers. Designer and fan. Judge, jury and sports brand executioner.

Your comments and suggestions for future cases are always welcome. And shares are greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Sports Brand Jury. Court is in session!