Pray Ball!

Holy Homers! This logo announcing a charity softball game for priests from rival dioceses adds a touch of offbeat SBJ Friday Fun.

Once in a while, sports branding opportunities come along that you just can’t pass up. This fun logo treatment for a fundraising event featuring men of the collar uses a genius headline (conceived by my creative copywriter pal Becki Davis), a ballpark script-ural typographic treatment, and a priest-collar banner to give the design its devout personality.

The black, green and tan color palette was a natural choice, and the infield/outfield mown grass pattern and shadowing give the design multiple layers of ballpark subtlety.

Since it’s my own design work I’ll withhold judgment on this one. Instead, I’ll rely on you to let me know if I struck out or hit it over the fence. Either way, this one was fun to do.


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  1. Bill says:

    Outstanding. Clever and fun! Will win a CPA award if submitted next year.

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