Hot Dogs.

The Charleston RiverDogs hit the funny bone with this brilliant tongue-in-cheek 25th anniversary logo.

Minor league baseball is a haven for sports branding creativity these days. With so many new and fun team rebrands over the last few years, the bar has been set pretty high. Then along came Louisville, Kentucky’s Studio Simon who leaped completely over the bar with their hilarious Charleston River Dogs 25th anniversary logo (you do the math…).

Their dog collar-and-tag design concept, inspired by the somewhat urban legend “dog years” theory, is not only pure genius but is exquisitely designed as well.

The logo includes a fairly large amount of copy (RiverDogs, 175 Seasons in Dog Years, 1994-2018), which can be cumbersome to include in a simple logo design. Fortunately for us, and for RiverDogs fans, the design is clean, readable, fun and spectacular.

Some logos are so good you want to add them to your “best of” collection. This one makes it to my elite “I want to wear it” category. Dog gonnit! Anybody know where I can get a t-shirt?


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