Titanic Twentieth.

The Titans unveil a terrific logo to toast their twentieth season in Tennessee.

Sports team anniversary logos can be hit or miss (or at best foul tips). But once in a while, a team hits one out of the park, or in this case scores a touchdown. In 2018 the NFL Tennessee Titans enter their twentieth season since moving the team from Houston to the Music City in 1997. They recently took the wraps off their 20th anniversary commemorative logo and it’s definitely top-notch.

The logo features a large chiseled-type numeral 20 that sits above the Titan sword. According to the team, the shield in the background and the origin of the name “Titan” are throwbacks to Greek mythology. Their 20th logo includes elements representing the artifacts of that era, as well as giving a nod to the Parthenon (one of Nashville’s prominent landmarks).

The red handle of the sword at the top of the logo, and the blue banner at the bottom create balanced splashes of color to offset the silver, white and dark blue color palette that dominates the majority of the image.

Titans 50th Logo

This one makes up for the mediocre 50th anniversary logo they created prior to 2009 to commemorate the organization’s 50th year in professional football. In that design, they included the iconic Houston Oilers derrick image, but were less successful combining it with the Titans brand elements. Their inadvisable use of white for the derrick shape which goes almost invisible where it overlaps a light gray horizontal banner, and mouse-sized type inside the badge torpedoed an otherwise promising design concept. I guess they can’t all strike oil. We’ll see if they have better luck in 2034 with their 75th anniversary logo.

In the meantime, congrats on your twentieth, Titans. Both the season and the logo!


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